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Obligatory page of links.

Some people I like to keep in touch with.

Kimmo Suominen: A colleague, friend, mentor, sage, and idol.
Troy Straszheim: A colleague, friend, mentor, sage, badass slide guitarist, and idol.
(its obvious I have very little imagination)
Laura Laytham: Girls are smarter.
Danny Dulai: He knows about the bloo ones.
J.A. Swain: He owns you.
Joel Spolsky: A excellent writer, great coder, and consummate pundit.
Brent Murray: The dashing metrosexual.
E.Bess: Geekess, Godess, Busker, Intellectual, Entelechy. (dont forget to support your local busker!)
Johnny Waters: Much cooler than John Waters.

Some other links.


Republican National Convention Republican Convention Great President Who will be the next president of the united states