Welcome Jerker-Seekers!!!

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There's been a jerker sighting on TV! Apparently composer Warren Loy had a jerker, before going on the program "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"...

Screw you Thom Felicia!!! The jerker is a great desk!
apparently, he doesn't appreciate the jerker, condemning it as a "forty-nine dollar desk". pfft, what does he know.

Would you like to see My jerker?

How about Cain's Jerker?
When Troy isn't playing some bad ass slyde guitar or mackin da wimminz, he can sometimes be found at his Jerker!
SWinder has a Jerker!
Even ACE has a jerker! (I dont even know who he is, or how I found out he has a jerker. God bless the internet!)
PJ Dowland is just a jerker fan who found my site on google!
Jerker Mistress Val has a jerker too... She also works at ikea. How many ikea products can you spot in her pics?
Could you imagine working in an office full of jerkers? Well Rob does.
John Gruber exhibits his workspace... AND HIS JERKER!!!
Jen Segrest has designed a very big layout for her jerker!
Le champignon aime le Jerker!
And So do the French!
John Burwell has a lovely jerker.
A jerker is great for musicians like CK, Cary and Michael!
Holy Jerker! Steve at Holy Zoo likes it too!
H4x0rz and g33kz 0wN t3h j3rk3rz!
And here's the jerker of an artist who has the TWO TIER TECHNIQUE down.
WARNING: don't try to view the first "3D" picture linked without first reviewing this technical reference. Use at your own risk!
Oh No! Mr. Bill has a Jerker!
Neil Parfitt has a fancy website, and a fancier jerkerer!

The JerkerV2 is out.

(even his CAT *<3s* the jerker!)
DKMiller writes and edits... FROM HIS JERKER!
Andre Corbin likes technology. And he keeps it on his jerker!
Richard Kilpatrick really knows what he's doing... with his jerker!
Evan Gates merges thoughts while sitting at his jerker!
Richard's page is gone... But not his JERKER!
Isaac Vargas doesnt have much of a web page yet, but he has a jerker!
Mod-man nuclearsnake talks about 3 things: Computers, His Girlfriend, Sleep, and his jerker!

Here are some other jerker links:

Still cant figure out what a jerker is?
My jerker has influenced people!!!
If you are having trouble building your IKEA COMPUTER DESK, then I suggest that you do NOT follow these instructions!

We have the jerker... Why dont YOU?

p.s. I also like the Apple Airport.